torsdag, juli 21, 2011


Today we went to see if there are any cloudberries ripening in the marshes around us. For some years now there hasn't been a lot. Too few insects = non pollination of the flowers = no berries. This is one consequence of a series of dry spring seasons, the habitats of the insects require wet weather. Not that I mind having no Mosquitos chasing me indoors, but it does affect both the cloudberry harvest and the birds that eat the insects. The birds lay fewer eggs and become more scarce. You certainly become aware by your own observation how fragile the balance of nature can be and how vast the consequences.

Anyway, we went first to one marsh, but found very little. Then to a second one closer to where we live, and bingo! There actually were enough to make picking worthwhile. In less than two hours we gathered one kg each, which is quite a respectable harvest a year as bad as this. The reason there were any at that spot became obvious pretty soon - we also found Mosquitos there. Not as many as usual, which I was grateful for, but enough to be annoying.

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