tisdag, juli 26, 2011

A silent minute

Today my parents and I took part in the silent minute at noon that was proclaimed to honour those who lost their lives in the senseless massacre on Friday. We were at the time picking cloudberries. A previous time I participated in this ritual was after the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers. I remember clearly where I was, at the Gothenburg Book Fair attending a talk taking place upstairs in the so-called International Square.

Likewise, I will most assuredly remember where I was in 2011 when the ritual was repeated because of another terrorist attack, this time not by islamist fanatics but by a right wing fanatic. We will do well to keep in mind that all ideologies, political or religious, can spawn followers who are willing to kill to force their own opinion on the world around them. To quote from Dorothy Sayers: the first thing a conviction does is kill someone.

I much prefer remembering those who were murdered than their murderer. He deserves to be forgotten - damnatio memoriae!

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