onsdag, januari 18, 2012

New Year's Vow

My new years vow is to start blogging again, for no other reason than it makes it easier for me to get to  grips with writing and I really need a kick-start since I have a deadline on Friday for a spin off article from the Bernadotte research project.

I have also promised to read and comment a draft version of a dissertation until Friday morning, 109 pages to be precise, which is going to be a challenge. I sort of hoped to read at bit yesterday, but the dog I am dogsitting when I work from home was feeling very Bi-ish and whined whenever I didn't walk it, pet it or play with it. This was very distracting and it was easier to do other chores like email than attentive, critical reading, with such a background noise. I also ended up at Spessito - a local restaurant that serves good food at an affordable rate, perfect for those evenings when you don't wish to do your own cooking.

Another obstacle that makes me postpone my writing session from day to day is the neat number of 555 unread emails from Christmas and onwards. I really need to go through them to reassure myself that nothing important is lost below the bottom of the monitor.

BTW, I have found the perfect tool to help non-native English speakers with grammar checks: Grammarly! Try it and you will love it. You will still need a professional to help you with language revision and copy-editing in the end, but it becomes less expensive if you have used grammarly while writing to get your English as correct as you possibly can.

Who stole spare time?

That it my sincere question, who grabbed it and ran? Only a few years ago I had spare time, but since I became head of my own department spare time simply vanished. There is always another deadline winking at me, always another staff issue to handle, always another workshop to plan or carry through, always a new pingpong course website to set up.... It simply never ends, and in the evening I am too tired to do more than cook dinner, watch some TV, do a little online gaming and then collapse into bed. Where do the hours go?

söndag, januari 01, 2012

The vanishing autumn

This year the autumn simply rushed by. It wasn't so surprising that October went as fast as you can blink since I attended a number of conferences and spent a week in Venice. Oddly enough November-December went just as fast due to a heavy workload when my co-worker had to go on parental leave, which meant I needed to do the work of two persons. I always imagine that I will have more time ahead, maybe 2012 will be better and afford more opportunities to blog, write articles, and have fun. 2011 offered a surprise, I became temporary dog keeper since the wee westie didn't get along well with the cats in his original home. So far the owner hasn't reclaimed it and it has settled in nicely and adores me. Happy new year all the same, let's see what will happen next in life!