söndag, januari 01, 2012

The vanishing autumn

This year the autumn simply rushed by. It wasn't so surprising that October went as fast as you can blink since I attended a number of conferences and spent a week in Venice. Oddly enough November-December went just as fast due to a heavy workload when my co-worker had to go on parental leave, which meant I needed to do the work of two persons. I always imagine that I will have more time ahead, maybe 2012 will be better and afford more opportunities to blog, write articles, and have fun. 2011 offered a surprise, I became temporary dog keeper since the wee westie didn't get along well with the cats in his original home. So far the owner hasn't reclaimed it and it has settled in nicely and adores me. Happy new year all the same, let's see what will happen next in life!

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