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Failed New Year's Vow

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Obviously, I failed in my intention to start blogging actively again. No surprise considering my workload. Taking a look at my list of books I have read in the autumn I find that I apparently didn't read fiction at all in December. That is most likely correct, I had a Norwegian dissertation to plow through, a scholarly essay to write and a PhD student's manuscript to peruse in December-January. Well, now I am back on track. I did read a novel in February: Dandy Gilver & an Unsuitable Day for a Murder by Catriona McPherson. Currently, I am busy reading Susanna Gregory, A Vein of Deceit - a Medieval Who-Dunnit. Her picture is on the right hand side.
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Recently I switched laptop and am writing on my brand new MacBook Pro. I have migrated my photo album to it as well as my documents for my current position. But, I haven't had much chance to download software, so I am using Safari for the moment even though it doesn't support all web pages.

It so has transpired that Apple has opened Safari's source code and allows third party plug-in designs. Found a nifty one called Zemanta (see pic above), which also works with other browsers, which automatically adds intext links to wikipedia for instance while you write. All the links in this blog post have been created that way. Zemanta also suggests pics from the internet in keeping with your topic (provided you write in English of course) The ones suggested for this particular post are of mostly of no value but I have selected the two on view just to try it out. The naked blogging lady that Zemanta has also suggested I have left out! It only connects with Flikr and not with Picasa, more's the pity since I use the latter.

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