onsdag, juni 27, 2012

The Northern Lights project - Projekt Norrsken

My cultural entrepreneurship students who are running the joint company Humanioraverket are doing a very interesting museum project at the Medelhavsmuseet (Mediterranean Museum) in Stockholm. Here is a teaser for Projekt Norrsken aiming to make an ancient Assyrian relief come to life! I am both happy and proud that our students are so accomplished.


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Coding together - open access education at its best

English: Stanford Memorial Auditorium, as seen...
English: Stanford Memorial Auditorium, as seen from Hoover Tower in Stanford University, Stanford, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stanford University offers a free online course titled Coding together - apps for iPhone and iPad. It started with downloadable lectures in iTunesU last year and this year the 10 week course has been supplemented with the learning platform Piazza aimed specifically at collaborative learning. The teacher posts lectures, syllabus, assignments, instructions etc and the students can post questions. Some 400 000 students are expected to enroll in the course and the idea is that your peers will help you out with difficult steps. Although I do not have the appropriate background as a programmer, I have nevertheless signed up for the course and will do my best to struggle along  anyway. It's historic! Since education in Sweden is open and gratis to EU citizens I hope that we may be allowed time to develop courses for iTunesU

BTW, Zemanta is working again, they apparently had some server problems last week. All the links, the image and the related articles referred to has been added with its help. Thanks you all Zemanta developers!
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torsdag, juni 21, 2012

Zemanta - yoohooo?

Zemanta should have been installed as a Firefox plugin, I need to try again.

Ahh, Firefox needed to reboot. Done that And now their is a Zemanta logotype to the right and a sign with the words;

Terrible error. Click here to wake up engineers. Retry.

I have retried with no result, so it is definitely time to wake up engineers.

Double fail

Soo well into May I obviously failed a second time to reboot my blogging habit. There is only one solution. Wait until the last item in the SALT program has passed and then do some back writing. My reading habits have also gone down the drain, soon I shall have more time for that as well.

Totally Amazing

I am so going to sit down with my diary and write blog posts backwards. Lots of good and some bad things have happened to me this spring and none of it has been entered into this blog. At least, I have added to my "books I have read"-list. Eventhough I haven't felt that much stressed out, I must have been considering how few books I have been able to go through during the past months. And I used to be a voracious reader. I have a feeling that the Zemanta plugin doesn't work anymore...or...maybe I just added it to Safari? Must check.