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Fyris (Photo credit: Ulf Bodin)
Don't really know if I spelt the headline right, never mind. I am a bit tired still after the weekend, when I went canoeing with some friends on the Fyris River. It was the first time ever for me and maybe it was a bit presumptious since I haven't exercised much during the past 5-6 years due to various health issues: spinal disc herniation (2005), frozen shoulder (2009) and a persistent achilles heel inflammation I also contracted on 2009, which comes and goes.

Still, I am glad I am a bit crazy for this was a fantastic experience paddling down this small river and one of its tributaries with different types of landscape passing by along the way, some exceedingly beautiful. Even the dead trees, wrapped in some insect web looked amazingly attractive and at the same time horrific. We even spent the night in the forest!

Misty morning
Misty morning (Photo credit: shinryuu)
I am still unsure of the route, I have tried to figure it out by google maps but can't identify the starting point. Still, with the aid of Zemanta I have added three relevant pics.The one above shows the main river we followed on the second day. The one called Misty morning on the right is a river crossing that I actually recognise. We had to get out at that precise spot and drag the canoes across the small island between the wooden bridges. Amazing coincidence to find a Japanese who have taken a photo in the winter of that identical spot. I didn't dare bring my own camera along, being afraid I might drop it in the river.

Vattholma nordelch 04
Vattholma nordelch 04 (Photo credit: Udo Schröter)
We started out from a small brook  some kilometers from Dannemora (Sweden), where we got the canoes into water. Then we arrived at a lake or dam where we paddled across to an island for our picnic lunch. We continued across the lake/dam down to a small river outlet called Fyrisån. Our first stop was at idyllic Vattholma, a small village that was organised round an iron foundry a hundred years ago but nowadays is quite somnolent. The final goal was Storvreta, a suburb of Uppsala, from where we could grab a taxi or bus according to inclination to go home to Uppsala.

Now that I look at Google maps it seems that they have become a lot less detailed, which is a pity since they become pretty useless that way. It is impossible for one thing to find the waterways and post a picture showing the route.

Anyway, had I been attempting a rowing machine I would have believed myself exhausted after 15 minutes, whereas for real I managed with very little trouble to paddle for two solid days. My neck and upper arms hurt a bit, but not enough to deter me from continuing. In fact, although exhausted on Sunday evening and still a bit yesterday, it was the good kind of exhaution that comes from giving your body a thorough working over. All in all, a lovely weekend!
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