fredag, juli 06, 2012

Depressing weather

English: dark cloud, weather forecast symbol
English: dark cloud, weather forecast symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I really should have taken that long walk yesterday, and I really should have sat in the sun for an hour to read. Instead I sat inside diligently working trusting the weather forecast that originally promised sun the whole week.... Something one should NEVER do. The only mitigating circumstance is that email has stopped flooding in, well almost, and I can do my work from home.

Not that I should complain, it is excellent weather this year for writing those two essays I must finish before the end of the summer. No need to gaze wistfully out the window. This pic shows the current character of the cloud cover. The first essay is due August 20th, but I would  prefer to finish it by the end of next week if possible to get some vacation time without scholarly work. The other one is due October 1st.

I am seriously contemplating doing something else than being a teacher/researcher at Uppsala university. When I was young, the summers were all devoted to studies or work, now that I have reached midlife I spend them writing those pieces I never seem to get the time to do during other parts of the year. It's okey in the winter, but I am more and more annoyed by missing out the better part of spring and most of the summer due to scholarly duties.

Uppsala University (1442863813)
Uppsala University (1442863813) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today, the sky is overcast so I may as well slog on with it.  This summer has never really got off the ground, it has a decided autumnish character with a dark brooding cloud cover several days of the week. My legs are still pale, instead of golden brown. I wonder, has the Golf Stream stopped again and the authorities are afraid to tell us?
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