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Diet success and visit to Gysinge

English: Common Quail eggs Русский: Перепелины...
English: Common Quail eggs Русский: Перепелиные яйца (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Although I cheat constantly I have actually lost a kg. This morning there was no electricity, so I started the day with a banana to avoid the unpleasant feeling of being hungry until it returned. Fortunately it did so at 9 am.

I didn't eat my grapefruit yesterday and had two eggs instead, postponing the grapefruit until today since I am not overly fond of it. This morning I  postponed eating it one more day until Monday.

Because I am worth it, I had three quail eggs with a table spoon of hollandaise instead of mayo of which I have run out. Quail eggs are notoriously difficult to peal, but the lady who sold them to me at Gysinge Handelsbod taught me a trick. After boiling them (2-3 min at the utmost) you douse them in a mix of 50-50 water and vinegar for 10 minutes. The natural egg colouring dissolves though, so it can only be used if you don't mind them loosing their speckled hue and being white instead. It actually worked.

The quail eggs I bought yesterday at Gysinge Handelsbod. In addition I ate a thin slice of gorgonzola cheese, otherwise I drank lemon water and black coffee according to the diet's prescription.

Gysinge bruk på 1790-talet. Akvarellerad pennt...
18th century engraving of Gysinge
There is a company established in Gysinge that sells material for those who wants to do traditional building restoration (Gysinge Byggnadsvårdscentum) and that was the real goal for my visit. The quail eggs were an unanticipated bonus. The Gysinge web page is in Swedish only, but if you are English speaking use Google chrome and get an instant translation. It will be a bit peculiar, and not all words are available, but at least you get an idea of the product range. They have a webshop as well as stores to visit both at Gysinge and in Stockholm. If you have an old house it's worth taking a look at it, granted, it is fairly expensive but you gain in quality.

Gysinge is situated in a forest by a river and was founded in the 17th century as an iron works. It was operative until the early 20th century when a big company bought it and closed it down more or less immediately. There are ruins from earlier buildings that were replaced by more modern ones during the 19th century. The manor house on the photo was built betwen 1820-1840 and is a prime example of Swedish Empire Style, the stone foundation on the right is from a foundry that was pulled down around 1820. Aside from the restoration center which is housed in the former worker's area there are lots of things to see, a fire engine museum, the manor house, the foundry, the iron works and so forth. In other words, it is well worth going there. It is situated about 40 km from Uppsala.

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