fredag, juli 06, 2012

Dietary difficulties

During the afternoon I finally blended the spinach and lime smoothie that goes with my diet. You drink it between the main meals to avoid being temped to snack. It tasted quite good. Breakfast was frugal, black coffee, lemon water and a grapefruit. For lunch a fish skewer with broccoli and salad.

Failed at dinner though, due to unexpected visitors who stayed until 8:30. Before the guests arrived I had fortunately had a portion of unsweetened frozen fruit which carried me through. Dinner was supposed to have consisted of mixed fruit salad, but for expedience sake at that late hour I had oven grilled beef of moose, very lean meat in fact, with oven grilled small beet roots and mixed green salad. Into the meat juice I stirred a few spoons of cream for sauce and also had a slice of spicey red wine butter on top of the meat.

I think it's okey. Better luck tomorrow.

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