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The summer diet of 2012

Olive oil production in Klazomenai, an ancient...
Olive oil production in Klazomenai, an ancient city of Ionia( now, near Urla, Izmir, Turkey) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Having tried both LCHF and LC diets previous years with not much success, this year I am upping the ante as the saying goes by combining the Low Carb diet with two weeks of kick start meals. The kick start program I discovered in the Swedish magazine Laga GI which was an appendix to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet earlier in the spring.

Going on a diet is nigh on impossible unless it is summer and either you or everyone else you work with is on vacation. Only then can you control the menu properly. You see, I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home when the office is empty and that means I can actually cook my lunch fresh instead of coing to the cantina. What I now need is determination. The good thing about this combination is that I won't need to adopt the LCHF diet wholesale, I simply eat a similar diet for a fortnight to get my body to start burning fat. The idea is that once that process is under way you can introduce slow carbohydrates.

According to the interview with LC expert Ulrika Davidsson the point is to promote a quick start, which will cause you to loose 1-2 kg already in the beginning. She promises the diligent follower 5-6 kg in four weeks time. The effect comes from eating differently every day thus surprising the body, eating relatively few carbohydrates, but also less fat than in regular LC diet and LCHF. It should therefore be a more healthy alternative. My main challenge will be week three when I am attending a conference i Nuremberg (Nürnberg) in Germany where all the lunches for instance are included. This means that I will need to act against my natural bent to polish the plate so that food goes to waste. I will need to ditch the fast carbohydrates.

In Sweden, there is a debate running (see below) concerning the dangers or merits of LCHF since a woman in the daily news claimed that she got a heart attack from following this diet. My contention is that there is fat, and then there is fat, there is protein and then there is protein. What do I mean by this? Well, if you stick to fat dairy products and red meat only, which lots of people appear to do, I would call that a dangerous route to follow. But if you mainly eat lots of fish and fatty vegetables such as avocado, which is much healthier, the diet should not cause you harm. Just look at the eskimoes! Always use your head when dieting. Don't let cream clog your arteries, use it with sense.

Anyway, I started this my diet yesterday with lemon water, black coffee and 2 boiled eggs with some mayonnaise on top for breakfast. For lunch I had smoked 100 g salmon mixed with low fat sour cream (gräddfil 12%), some mayonnaise for taste, chopped dill and chives, half a red onion,  70 g mixed salad leafs and on the side a boiled egg. In the evening I exchanged the 250 g grilled beef for 230 g veal that I ate with mixed salad leafs with whipped lemon juice and olive oil for side dish . Actually, I cheated a bit since there was some spoons of cream sauce from a previous red meat dinner in the fridge and I hate seeing good food go to waste. Furthermore, I fell for some leftover candy, just a few pieces for the same reason, it was lying around. No more sweets though for the remainder of the diet.

Today, the breakfast consisted of lemon water, black coffee and one grapefruit. I was pretty hungry already by eleven, but stuck to it until noon when I cooked a head of broccoli, which I left marinading in - guess what - olive oil and lemon, while I grilled 230 g of beef. Tonight the prescription is 100 g ham, which I will substitute for smoked reindeer meat. The latter is a rich natural source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fat oils, they are very good for the cardiovascular system. For side dishes, I am allowed some more mixed salad leafs in olive oil and lemon juice (I have made a batch of it), 2 dl yoghurt (no added fruit or sugar) with pumpkin seeds.

I will report regularly as to how this endevour proceeds and in particular the first two weeks.
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