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In October last year I went with my department on a staff development excursion to Venice and loved every minute of being there. Venice is a truly lovely city with beautiful sights round almost every corner.

Most strikingly was the silence. It was so amazing, no cars and therefore mostly no engine noise! When it is absent you notice how stressful the constant sounds of motor traffic actually is.  Canal Grande is the great exception, where the water taxis, so called Vaporetti, 

 To get from the airport you catch a flight boat instead of a bus. Here we are,  trudging from the boat  stop Zattere towards our hostel.

We actually stayed in the old city in a hostel called Domus Cavanis just opposite the Hotel Belle Arti that used to be a convent of some sort. The hotel room was also spectacular. It looked like a boudoir from Casanova all in red with different patterns in gold.

Being art historians we did a large number of museums and city walks guiding each other. Everyone had prepared at least one, sometimes two talks during the week. We also had attended a number of preparatory lectures at home about Venice, both by art historians as well as by scholars from other disciplines. A single  blogpost is not enough to represent this tour, so over the next few days I will write some more to go with a selection of photos.

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